Teacher & Staff Favorite Things 2022-23

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things!

If you're like us, you may want to get to know the teachers and staff at Pfaff a little better. Or maybe you want to send your student's teacher or another staff member a little something at different times of the year (holidays, to show them you appreciate them, etc.). We've done the work for you and reached out to each teacher and staff member at Pfaff and asked them to fill out a questionnaire about their favorite things so we can get to know them better!

It is in no way required for any student or family to buy anything off these lists.

They are simply here for you if you'd like to use them.


Assistant Principal

Administrative Assistant


Dr. Fisher

Reisner (intern)

Pre-K Counts Teachers/Staff

Kindergarten Teachers

2nd Grade Teachers

4th Grade Teachers

Instructional Coaches

Reading Specialist

Learning Support

Special Education Teachers

Special Education IU Teachers




English Language Development


Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy